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Interior Photographer Columbus Circle – Commercial Photographer John Neitzel is based in NYC. Call 212-989-2236 for rates.



John Neitzel is a professional photographer in NYC shooting all types of commercial assignments on location.

Interior Photographer Columbus Circle – Pro John Neitzel is an Interior Photographer based in New York City with 20+ years of experience shooting assignments. John’s clients include Interior Designers, Architects, Developers and Builders. John brings a fresh and natural look to every photograph he creates. John’s focus is always upon your success. He concentrates upon light and color while capturing the essence of interiors. John’s eye for detail and composition will bring out the best aspects of your designs. John’s estimates usually include a scouting day to determine the best time of day to shoot your location.  He using natural light and existing lighting which are combined in post-production to archieve his signature look. John’s photographs are an interpretation of your intentions, never an artificially over-lit image. A few other reasons to hire a real pro for your next photographic project:

1. Presents, negotiates, agrees, executes, invoices, and follows up with consistency and personal pride.

2. Knows how to pitch and market oneself with accuracy so the promised service is what’s delivered.

3. Researches the subject of a story and contributes insights and vision that make the end result better.

4. Builds rapport with a subject in a way that gains unique access, makes them more comfortable, or exposes their personality.

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