Interior Photographer Downtown NYC

Interior Photographer Downtown NYC – Professional Photographer John Neitzel shoots in the studio and on location in New York. Call 212-989-2236 for more information.
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John Neitzel is a professional photographer in NYC shooting all types of commercial assignments on location.

Interior Photographer Downtown NYC – As a professional Interior Photographer, John Neitzel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every assignment he shoots. Photography is just like every other service you may contract out for. Fast and cheap doesn not equal good. With interior photography, it takes time to get the perfect angle and the perfect lighting, so the fast category doesn’t really even apply here. So then, you are left with either cheap or good, and you probably aren not going to get both from the same photographer.
Industry experience has proven: the cheaper the photographer, the poorer the image looks, and in a society that is becoming increasingly visually literate, thanks to social media and the internet, fantastic photos are a must! Strong images strengthen a brand, weak images diminish a brand. This is true for all advertising, and it is especially true for interior and architectural photography. Great projects deserve great photos to represent them, because at the end of the day, for the vast majority of your future clients, this will be the only way they ever get to interact with your designs!


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