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Interior Photographer East Village – John Neitzel is a Professional Photographer in NYC specializing in shooting interiors. Call 212-989-2236 for more information.

Location Photographer

Interior Photographer East Village – John Neitzel is a Professional Photographer that specializes in shooting interiors, architecture and locations. His clients include interior designers, architects, builders and developers. Some of John’s favorite things to shoot include restaurants, hotels and furniture. John has been shooting for 20+ years. He brings a ton of experience, technical knowledge and creative passion to every assignment he shoots. Designers seek him out for his unique vision and style that has developed over the years.
Many things go into consideration when John Neitzel is producing professional images. In order to produce great interior photographs, John always brings the appropriate professional camera and lighting gear. John has 20+ years of experience and knowledge specific to the field of interior and architectural photography.
It takes time to scout the location, to determine the best angles, and map the sun through the course of the day in order to show up and capture great images on the day of production. Most of John’s shoots require one visit for scouting, and one or two days of actual capture, but then the images are not ready out of the camera either, and can often take another one to three hours per photo in post-production. So, there is a considerable time investment in photographing interiors and architecture properly.


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