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Interior Photographer Fashion District – John Neitzel is a Professional Photographer in NYC. Call 212-989-2236 for your next photographic project.

Interior Photographer

Interior Photographer Fashion District –  John Neitzel has the photographer’s eye. Trained in photo-journalism, John transitioned into commercial photography and now specializes in shooting interiors and architecture. Check out the rest of the website. you’ll see John’s ability to create fantastic images has earned him a loyal following. John shoots for interior designers, architects, developers and builders. His favorite subjects are restaurants, hotels and vacation homes. As a Professional Interior Photographer, John Neitzel has honed his skills and always delivers great results.  Using the most advanced professional camera and lighting equipment, you can be assured that when you hire John, your project will be captured in the most professional way. Always an eye for details, John concentrates on light and color. Composition and textures are focused upon so your project is rendered as you have created it.

Pricing specific projects can sometimes be challenging when price is the major factor. Many firms request several quotes to photograph one of their projects. After collecting bids from a few different photographers, they call back to see if we’re flexible on price. Basically saying that they want us as their photographer, but at the other guy’s price. John does his best to make it work, but many times they ended up going for the cheapest quote they’d received. In most instances, they don’t use any of the photographs from the other photographer because the results were mediocre. John’s results are never mediocre. John Neitzel always delivers stunning images. Period.

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