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Interior Photographer Financial District – Freelance Photographer John Neitzel has 20+ years of experience shooting stills and video in NYC. Call 212-989-2236 for more information.
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John Neitzel is a professional photographer in NYC shooting all types of commercial assignments on location.

Interior Photographer Financial District – Contact John Neitzel when your project requires the highest quality of photographic interpretation. John’s vision and style of photography are sought out by Interior Designers and Architects. John has 20+ years of experience shooting on location. Great photographs of interiors and architecture require time and experienced image creator. Fast and cheap doesn’t cut it. Time is needed to understand the goals of the client. A scouting visit to the location is always desirable, in order to determine what time of the day is best, and what professional lighting equipment is required. On the shoot day, John is fully prepared to capture great images. While some¬†great images¬†only present themselves for a brief moment, you just can’t rush others. It takes time to determine the best angle, and to insure lighting is at it’s best. While John depends upon the natural light and existing lighting of a location, sometime additional lights are brought in to enhance the visual story we are trying to tell.


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