Interior Photographer Flatiron District

Interior Photographer Flatiron District – Commercial Photographer John Neitzel shoots interiors, architecture and locations in New York City. Call 212-989-2236 for rates.
Professional Interior Photographer New York City

John Neitzel is a professional photographer in NYC shooting all types of commercial assignments.

Interior Photographer Flatiron District – John Neitzel is a commercial photographer specializing in shooting interiors and architecture. John Neitzel brings a wealth of knowledge, technical knowledge and creative passion to every image he creates. John works with highest quality of professional camera and lighting equipment. This helps him achieve his vision and style found in every image he creates. As an Interior Photographer, John’s goals are focused upon capturing your designs in a beautiful and meaningful manner. Great care and collaboration are undertaken to make sure what’s important for you comes shining through tin the final image. John is a master photographer with a developed style and vision refined with 20+ years of shooting assignments.  His clients include hotels, restaurants, facilities, retail and commercial buildings. If you love doing something, most likely you’ll become good at it. When you have 20+ years of experience at it, you’ll become a master. It’s the 10,000 hour rule.

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