Interior Photographer Hudson Yards

Interior Photographer Hudson Yards – Call John Neitzel at 212-989-2236 for the best photography of your interior or location.
Professional Real Estate Photographer New Jersey

John Neitzel is a professional photographer in NYC shooting all types of commercial assignments on location.

Interior Photographer Hudson Yards – I am a commercial photographer specializing in shooting locations for interior designers, architects, developers and builders. I shoot commercial properties, residential buildings and houses, hotels, restaurants and public facilities. I have 20+ years of experience shooting in the studio and on location, and many people consider me a Master of Photography. My creative passion is  inspired by great designs. I love working with interior designers and architects because I have great respect for their talents, vision and what they have created. It’s my job to capture their intensions in a photograph. I am a visual artist and creative thinker, with technical expertise to pull off almost any type of shot. Just last week I was asked to shot a room that was almost pitch black. Well, my photography style is all about the light in a space and how that light portrays the design.  By adjusting the light and adding a bit of my own, I was able to capture the essence of that space.

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Interior Photographer Hudson Yards