Interior Photographer Lenox Hill

Interior Photographer Lenox Hill – John Neitzel is a Professional Photographer in New York City specializing in shooting interiors and architecture. Call 212-989-2236 for an estimate.

Hot Coffee by Professional Interior Photographer John Neitzel

Interior Photographer Lenox Hill – Professional Photographer John Neitzel specializes in shooting interiors and architecture. He is based in NYC and travels the Tri-state area shooting residential and commercial interiors. His favorite things to shoot include hotels, restaurants and public spaces designed for people. When John Neitzel bids on a photographing a project, he always gives options to clients so they can choose a price point they are comfortable with. Every project is different and has different requirements to be factored into the final estimate. Factors to consider when quoting on a project include how are the photos to be used? Who will use the photos? How many photos are needed? Any special equipment required?  John is usually able to achieve client goals under specific budget constraints, but they need to be presented in a clear and concise way. John presents, negotiates, agrees, executes, invoices, and follows up with consistency and personal pride.

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Interior Photographer Lenox Hill