Interior Photographer Little Italy

Interior Photographer Little Italy – John Neitzel uses his unique vision and style to capture great images of restaurants, hotels and locations. Call 212-989-2236 for a quote on your next design project.
Interior Photography Little Italy

Restaurant photography by John Neitzel

Interior Photographer Little Italy – John Neitzel, Professional Interior Photographer, has 20+ years experience at shooting assignments.

His creative passion is fueled by great design and other people who share his passions. As a visual artist and creative thinker, John tries to create images that are meaningful and important. Great photography used in marketing and advertising do make a big difference and can create brand awareness and even increase sales. Images that exude luxury can position the brand at the top of the food chain.
John is an expert at creating great photography. His vision and style are sought by many interior designers and architects because he puts there designs in the best light. His focus on light and colors help to create a visual clean and uncluttered image. When John is working, he studies the design and can choose the best angles to represent a space. John uses the best professional cameras, lens and lighting equipment, but it’s his visual style that sets him apart. There are many cheap photographers out there. There is also a lot of good photographers out there. Rarely will you find a cheap AND good photographer. You see, photographers charge based on their experience. A cheap photographer just doesn’t have the experience a good photographer has.
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