Interior Photographer Lower East Side

Interior Photographer Lower East Side – Call John Neitzel at 212-989-2236 for fantastic photography on location and in the studio.

John Neitzel is a fine art photographer in NYC.

Interior Photographer Lower East Side – John Neitzel is a Professional  Photographer specializing in shooting interiors and architecture. With 20+ years of experience, John is a Master of Photography. He is comfortable shooting in the studio and on-location. John Neitzel’s creative passion is inspired by great design. “I love to photograph beautiful things.” He is a visual artist and creative thinker. John always finds a natural angle to draw the viewer into a photo. His photographs are accurate renderings of colors and textures. Never over cooked in Photoshop. Some might call him old school, but it’s really just excellence. John’s favorite things to shoot are hotels,restaurants, facilities, institutions and commercial and residential architecture. The spaces people live in. When on location, John takes many factors into consideration to create great photos: time of day, stageing for composition, best angle, what height, which lens, how to stage, and which props. John is prepared to face any problem with a creative solution and completely pivot among all kinds of changing circumstances.

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