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Interior Photograph by Professional Interior Design Photographer John Neitzel

Interior Photographer Madison Park – John Neitzel is an Interior Photographer based in New York City. He is a Master of Photography with 20+ years of experience shooting on location for editorial, corporate and advertising clients. John’s visual style is fresh and natural. His use of existing and natural light gives his photographs a unique look many interior designers and architects seek. The use of additional photographic lighting is added only to enhance the setting. A natural camera angle to draw the viewer into the photo helps John create a pleasing image. John avoids the use of extreme wide-angle lens many of the newer photographers are using. The resulting image usually has sever distortion that is not an accurate rendition of the scene at hand. The 17mm lens squeezes an entire room, so the wide-angle distortion does not allow the eye to follow a natural path in the photo, and some things appear extremely large, while things in the background get very small. You can see this adverse effect in many real estate photographs. You won’t see this in John’s work.

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Interior Photographer Madison Park