Interior Photographer Mid-Town Manhattan

Interior Photographer Mid-Town Manhattan – John Neitzel is a “Master of Photography” and shoots for Interior Designers and Architects. Call 212-989-2236 for a quote on your next photography project.

John Neitzel is an Interior Design Photographer in NYC

Interior Photographer Mid-Town Manhattan – John Neitzel is a Professional Interior photographer based in NYC with 20+ years of shooting experience. He is a “Master of Photography” and has the trained “Photographer’s Eye”.
His creative passion is inspired by great design which leads to creating stunning photography of every location he shoots. John’s creative vision and style can be seen in every photograph he creates.
His focus is on light and color while every attention is paid to create visual clean and uncluttered images. John always chooses visually pleasing angles that guide the eye to the main subject of the photo.
John Neitzel’s photographs are always accurate rendering of colors and textures as he studies the design and chooses best angles and exposures.
John’s favorite things to shoot are hotels, restaurants, facilities, institutions and commercial and residential architecture. He always understands and achieves the client’s goals under specific budget constraints.
John Neitzel will research the subject of a story or object to be shot and contributes insights and vision that make the end result better.
He will finds ways to make your life easier, saves you time and makes you look like the hero.

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Interior Photographer Mid-Town Manhattan