Interior Photographer Nomad

Interior Photographer Nomad – North of Madison Square Park – in case you didn’t know what or where Nomad is. It’s an area in NYC under some great renovation anchored by the Nomad Hotel.

John Neitzel is an Interior Design Photographer in NYC

Interior Photographer Nomad – John Neitzel is an Interior Design Photographer in NYC. His clients include interior designers, architects, developers and builders.
Favorite things to shoot are hotels, restaurants, facilities, institutions and commercial and residential architecture. Considerations John gives in order to capture great photos: what time of day is best for capturing the design? What is the best angle for composition? What height should the camera be at to capture the right amount of ceiling, floor, windows and furniture? Which lens is going to work best for the given space? John always tries to use the longest lens possible. Inexperienced photographers will always go for the widest lens which results in a distorted room with no composition to bring out specific designs. How to stage the room with appropriate props? Factors to consider when quoting on a project include; How are the photos to be used? Who will use the photos? How many photos will are requied? Factor in travel time and down time, Special equipment required? Special post-production required?
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Interior Photographer Nomad

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