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Interior Photographer Soho – Professional Photographer John Neitzel specializes in shooting interiors and architecture. Call 212-989-2236 for rates.
Professional Architectural Photographer New York

John Neitzel is a professional photographer in New York shooting all types of commercial assignments on location.

Interior Photographer Soho – NYC-based professional photographer, John Neitzel specializes in location photography and interior photography. He brings his extensive knowledge gained through 20+ years of experience. Technical expertise and creative passion are just a few other things John brings to the table.  When you hire John, you’ll be paying a top professional to create great images for your marketing and advertising needs.  Why take a chance on someone with less experience? They might be cheaper, be that really doesn’t pay in the long run. John’s vision  and style is all about capturing great light.  The light will enhance your designs and bring them to life. Whether natural or supplemental, John knows how to light a scene so that it appears natural and refreshing. Each photo John shoots conveys the natural beauty found in great design.

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Interior Photographer Soho